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Woman Dominating Woman

Berlin, Alexa Von Tess


Berlin, Alexa Von Tess

Alexa makes the mistake of talking on her phone in the bathroom for 45 minutes, making her late for her scene with Mz. Berlin. The result is hot BDSM lesbian sex with a punished submissive and a latex-clad, smoking-hot Mistress that shows no mercy in the pain play, forced orgasms or receiving her own pleasure.

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 109 Comments

Kristine, Rain Degre


Kristine, Rain Degre

Some days it’s all about feet. Pain sluts and best friends Rain and Kristine suffer through foot paddling, foot caning and foot whipping in a brutal bastinado scene followed by hard forced orgasms. Before strapon fucking her bitches, Julie Simone gets creative with her own feet and uses them to fuck each girls’ pussy. Rain’s cunt almost swallows Julie’s foot and she cums hard from the large, deep penetration.

Haven’t seen the whole video, but I love that rigging with the red rope, very beautiful.

– Madgrad

Sunday, February 28th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 192 Comments

Scarlett Stone, Krissy Lynn


Scarlett Stone, Krissy Lynn

Naturally Dominant Krissy Lynn introduces Scarlett Stone to a world of lesbian sex, bondage and BDSM play in her very first porn shoot ever. Gagged, bound and literally biting at the bit, Scarlett is flogged, clamped, fingered, electro-shocked, strapon fucked and given multiple forced orgasms here at the Twisted Factory.

krissy lynn your boots are hot looking on you and love what your to your slave scarlet stone the whey ropes have her tied up and when sucked her tits and used the star wheel on her and wax treatment and most of all the strap on

– knee boots

Friday, February 26th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 18 Comments

Mason Moore, Lorelei Lee


Mason Moore, Lorelei Lee

Mason Moore is tough, sexual, flexible and orgasmic .She is one of the hottest new girls in BDSM porn today. Lorelei takes her for her first ever trip down bondage lane where she is stripped, whipped, shocked, fucked and forced to cum multiple times. Mason takes it all, and shows her oral skills on a dildo and Lorelei’s wet cunt.

Awesome work. Mason is very hot.

– levesque

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 16 Comments

Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh


Chanta Rose, Audrey Leigh

Chanta Rose submits to true Sadist Audrey Leigh. Audrey hits hard, and hits a lot. It’s Chanta’s turn to be on the receiving end for once. Audrey fucks her slave hard and slaps her face harder. She finishes off by licking Chanta’s face, knowing that’s one thing Chanta hates.

Chanta, Just luv this video, your super long hair is simply stunning, what a package!!


Monday, February 22nd, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 4 Comments

Jenya Leanne


Jenya Leanne

Jenya is no stranger to bondage but she is to REALLY being dominated by a woman…lets just say she has never been anyone’s Bitch before! I waste no time stripping her down, tying her tits and spreading her ass. Jenya’s dripping wet pussy doesn’t lie; she likes to be used as a sex slave. Many forced orgasms later I suspend her for some hard fucking…and do so until she can’t take anymore.

I really like this shoot because it gave a good rear veiw of Chantas asshole and pussy while Jenya was licking her pussy. It has the best shot of Chantas asshole,the orifice that most subs like to bury their tongues in.

– bigcock

Saturday, February 20th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 11 Comments

Penney Play


Penney Play

Innocent looking Penney turns out to be anything but. She likes to be used and abused, so Chanta strapon-fucks her hard. The slave is tied, caned and pounded in the ass by a big strapon cock. She cums hard and often. So many orgasms that Penney is gradually broken by her loss of control to Chanta.

Awesome shoot! This was the first I’ve seen of Penney and now I definitely want to see more. This whole shoot had a very “girls next door” quality to it which was great. Chanta’s clothes were hott and so were Penney’s panties.

– Michael

Friday, February 19th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 11 Comments

Taylor Jolie


Taylor Jolie

Creamy delicious…that’s the only way to describe Taylor’s wet pussy. She’s only 21…and never done porn before but she craves to be one of Chanta’s Bitches. Yes, this is her first time on camera, you can’t see her anywhere else and here we give her an introduction to BDSM like no other. Tight bondage, hard fucking and many forced orgasms. We also want to know how far we can stretch this virgin pussy so we stuff an inflatable dildo in it and pump it ALL the way up while giving Taylor one of the strongest orgasms of her life. Yes, she’ll be back…we still need to get to that ass cherry.

Taylor is one of the very sexiest most beautiful of all the models here.(Maybe with such a leather butt she can take even more caning next time?) Hope to see a lot more of her anyway.

– Frants

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 13 Comments

Kendra James


Kendra James

Kendra is a Pro-Domme…or at least she thinks she is. Chanta has been receiving complaints from clients that Kendra isn’t giving them what they want so she decides to give Kendra some hands on training. Strict bondage, hard fucking and lots of clamps and electro-play put Kendra in her place…the only question is; will she return to Pro-Domination or remain one of Chanta’s Bitches?

Wow, this is a real good shoot. Nice ******* especially because of the clit and nipple suction. More of them, but show it in a good camera angel.

– BonFan

Sunday, February 14th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 14 Comments

Ozzma Lynn


Ozzma Lynn

Another virgin to break in. Ozzma has never been dominated before or done porn but she thinks she knows it all and has a smart ass mouth. No need for gags in this shoot! We make her scream, jump and beg to cum with some shocking electro play and a nice hard cock. Tickling and foot worship wrap up Ozzma’s introduction to kink…until next time that is.

Bare lands, again! Stone broke cinema of the beginning, before success story - see the bad guy, I am, now? - I start with seduction, oulalah! No good ending, guys! Well, if you let me begin my speach? So - Into the DEAD FISH INN, nobody will serve to you any alive fish! After 90 shoots viewed at CB, it was fun for me (and I acknowledge no fun at all for the stone broke cinema!) to see this shoot… On the forum, into ancient threads, I captured a question of Chanta (to Staceyp) : which are the dead fish shoots? And I never seen a single answer. Don’t mind, Mz Chanta, questions have always answers in their own time by somebody : here we have the best “dead fish shoot” ever at CB (but I have not seen all the shoots, yet : let me see the 15 missing, I’m a very patient man!). This girl is terrific. I shiver afterwards about the possibility of having married her! She screams little “haw! haw! whif! whif!” while never coming. The only thing able to move her is tickling! She is the perfect XIXth century wife for puritan farmers : they worked hard in the fields, and at home they lust for rest! Good wife!

– regisjean

Saturday, February 13th, 2010 Woman Dominating Woman 14 Comments